~ augmented reality apps are taking the beauty world by storm ~

Hard to believe summer’s almost over, but with the Fall comes new color palettes, makeup trends, and of course, new ways to brighten and highlight your best features.

Gone are the days where you have to literally “Try before you buy.” These days, there’s an app for everything – and augmented reality apps are taking the beauty world by storm by letting users virtually test out makeup, accessories, and even lashes with just a few taps!

Below are a few apps for your consideration for anything from fall beauty stories to NYFW or awards shows “get the look” stories.  

  1. Battington App by FaceCake

Ø  This app, created by FaceCake Marketing Technologies, Inc, a leader in augmented retail, lets users scroll through all six of Battington’s natural, long-lasting lash styles and try them on in real time, as if they’re looking through a mirror.

o   Look at product information, share photos and videos with friends, and even purchase their favorite styles directly from the app!

o   FREE on the App Store



  1. glamscout app

Ø  Allows users to find real beauty product matches to any full cosmetic look found in a magazine, website, or real life! Using proprietary visual search technology, GlamScout performs a multi-category search through thousands of products and instantly delivers product matches for the complete look from over 100 major and luxury brands.

Ø  Upload a photo of an inspired makeup look, snap a pic in real time, or select from Featured Looks in the app

Ø  GlamScout instantly identifies the makeup shades in the image and provides direct product matches from both mass and prestige cosmetic brands, so you can Get the Glam Look or Get the Glam Look for Less

Ø  virtually Try-On the makeup in real time using your device’s camera as a mirror. Try-On each product individually or test them all together for the full effect

Ø  Purchase directly from the app and share your completed look on social media.

Ø  FREE on the App Store



  1. ShadeScout app

Ø  ShadeScout® is a cosmetics color search app that instantly finds makeup matching any color you see! Spot a color that you’d wear if it were a shade of lipstick or eyeshadow? Wish you knew which blush a celebrity is wearing in the latest issue of your favorite magazine? Capture the color with your mobile device, then see how it looks on you in real time (no tissues or makeup remover needed)!

Ø  Thousands or products from major and luxury brands, share on social and purchase products

Ø  FREE on the App Store

ShadeScout colour cosmetics search app



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