~ CooLifting – the 5-minute cryo facial that is sweeping the red carpets of North America ~

With the awareness for healthy living and wellness at an all-time high taking preventative care of your skin in the summer months is routine for the savvy skincare user. Skincare pioneer Lisa Stewart is always on the lookout for the latest technology that produces revolutionary results for her exclusive clientele. This summer she is ecstatic to introduce CooLifting – the 5-minute cryo facial that is sweeping the red carpets of North America.
The CooLifting facial is an all-natural and painless way to reduce wrinkles and provide instant hydration. The system combines “carboxy therapy” or carbon dioxide and a line of proprietary serums developed to tackle a variety of skin issues.
CooLifting is a non-invasive facial rejuvenation technique, which creates a strong CO2 gas flow and a proprietary hyaluronate facial solution—made up of a high concentration of atomized actives—to be applied all over the face. Application is made at a low temperature with very high pressure. Specific areas treated are the forehead, cheeks, brows, lips area and eyes outline. The immediate lifting creates a lasting effect in which winkles are reduced and skin is smoothed and brightened.
During the treatment the carboxy spray and serum is directed at the treatment zone for 4 minutes. The combination of gas and serum is dispensed with continuous movement, concentrating on specific areas of the face based on each client’s needs. The client will experience a spray of gas/serum along with a cooling sensation. The intensity and sound will diminish as the treatment progresses.
“The beauty is there are no side effects or down time says Lisa Stewart.” An ordinary routine may be resumed following a CooLifting treatment.
Clients should see an increase in hydration and luminosity and a smoothing of fine lines for 24-72 hours after one treatment. Longer lasting improvements are related to the number of sessions. Over time, fine lines will diminish, and the skin will become firmer.
The CooLifting facial has also become a favorite after derma planning, chemical peels, micro needling or laser treatments to help calm irritated skin. This translates into increased oxygenation and deeper delivery of a range of serums to improve the overall appearance of the skin.
CooLifting delivers superior skin hydration, increased luminosity, and improvement in fine lines, skin tone, and firmness. The combination of carbon dioxide and specially formulated serums enhances microcirculation and lifting and tightening of the skin. Lisa is thrilled and excited to share this noninvasive fountain of youth!
Learn more about CooLifting at our website www.soliaspa.com.




Renowned beauty industry expert, Lisa Stewart is a trusted skin care visionary whose passion and tireless efforts have earned her a place in the market as one of the most beloved and most sought after skin care professionals in the country.

After graduating from Kent State University, she entered the sales field beginning an illustrious career in retail sales for the beauty industry before transitioning into pharmaceuticals. Lisa always had a dream of one day owning and operating a spa. This drove her to earn her dual esthetician and managing esthetician license’s and then she set forth to learn the spa industry and operations from the inside out.

Since 2003 she has lead training seminars for professional skin care lines, including a prior partnership with the global skincare giant THALGO as their National Trainer and Educator for Nordstrom and many other prestigious properties and spas spanning the globe. Lisa recently received momentous recognition in the national industry publication – Skin Inc. Magazine in their “A Good Influence” section as a leader and a pioneer in her field. In addition, she has been included on their advisory board.Not to mention her countless local accomplishments, which include numerous appearances on Fox 8’s ‘New Day Cleveland’ as “Beauty & Lifestyles Expert,” Channel 3 (NBC) highlighting innovative skincare technology, Brecksville Magazine, the radio show ‘Speak Up and Stay Alive,’ Mimi’s Vanderhaven (Cover), West Shore Magazine, Fox 8 Best Of, Patch Reader’s Choice Best Spa 2012, MIMI’s ‘Ask The Expert,’ and The Sun Courier for her excellence in skin care.

Lisa believes in taking extraordinary care and time to analyze each client’s unique needs, and to formulate targeted, realistic solutions that benefit not only the appearance but their overall well-being. 

She currently sees clients in her luxurious Solia Spa in Brecksville, OH.

For more info, visit https://periskincare.com

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