Discount Dame discusses Extreme Couponing

So you’ve heard there is money to be saved by using coupons.  You’ve maybe seen the hit TV shows or encountered women at the store who saved a bundle and you’d like to cash in on coupons and save big as well.   Extreme Couponing has picked up a lot of steam and caught a lot of flack recently.  Seeing people digging through dumpsters for coupons and stealing newspapers from foreclosed homes as well as spending 40+ hours per week has made saving with coupons look like a full time job.  Well let me tell you it doesn’t have to be!  By adding one hour or less to your existing time spent grocery shopping you can “Smart Coupon” and shave 50% or more per week off your grocery bill! 

Where to Find Coupons

Whether you  subscribe to the Sunday paper or not there are plenty of coupons to be had!  Of course newspaper inserts like RedPlum, SmartSource, and P&G which can be delivered to your doorstep each Saturday or Sunday (depending on your area) are a great resource, but did you know there are a plethora of coupons online?  Sites like and are great resources for print at home coupons.  Want to go the paperless route?  Register at and have coupons loaded drectly onto your store rewards card (they cover most major stores) and they will deposit your savings via PayPal or send you an Amazon gift card.  Pretty spiffy huh?

Match Ups and Why You Need Them

I don’t want to spend hours and hours staring at ads and coupons trying to match the best sales with the best coupons do you?  I didn’t think so. offers up matchups that do all the work for you under the In Store Savings tab.  I even tell you where you can find the coupons I list and give you links to all of the printable ones.  If it’s found in a Sunday paper insert I”ll even give you the name and date the insert was released.  Simply print out and find the coupons you need and copy and paste the items you want to buy to create a detailed shopping list that will not only be easy to read and understand but will cut hours off of your “couponing” time! 


Now that you know what coupons you’ll be using at what store it’s time to sort them into envelopes with the store’s name on the front as well as the day you’re going to be using them.  Drugstores and Target sales change over on Sunday, while most grocery stores and Walmart switch over on Wednesday and some are only one day sales events so it’s important to date your envelopes. 

Hitting The Store…

With envelope ready, binder in hand, and kids at your mother’s (don’t take them your first time, just don’t) it’s time.  Stick to your list, don’t get caught up, as Oprah always says “be present”, and take it slow.  Make sure you have the stores coupon policy in your binder.  Don’t have a coupon binder?  Grab one at!

Want More information on where to find coupons and how to organize your coupons?  Check out The Discount Dame Couponing Beginner’s Guide Parts 1 & 2 on my Youtube channel by clicking HERE.

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