ProSilk Hair Care Product makes hair beautiful inside and out

Advanced Hair Care
That’s the philosophy of Texan entrepreneur, David Yoon’s exciting hair care line that features innovative styling tools specially designed to keep hair healthy and silky manageable.  The secret behind ProSilk products is their state-of-the-art technology for practical hair care solution.
ProSilk FAR Infrared Hair Dryer
Among their many innovative styling tools is the ProSilk FAR Infrared hair dryer.  Designed to reduce the devastating hair loss that comes from overuse of conventional hair dryers, the infrared technology dries hair from the inside out, leaving the hair shaft stronger and healthier. 
Too many people treat those annoying flakes that come from a dry scalp with dandruff shampoos and similar products.  The reality is that most people don’t actually suffer from dandruff, but from the irritation caused by overheating from daily drying.  Forget those flakes with the ProSilk FAR Infrared hair dryer and enjoy your routine with healthier hair and a flake-free scalp.
ProSilk Digital Straightening Flat Iron
Too many straightening products are made with a one-size fits all attitude.  Not with the ProSilk Digital Ceramic Digital System.  A unique LED digital display lets users select the exact temperature for their various hair needs, styles and condition.  Using ceramic ion technology plates reduces frizz and damage while leaving each strand lustrous for an overall outstanding effect.
 A Must-Have!
The ProSilk Professional Straightening Comb is a perfect stocking stuffer this year, and a must have for professionals and anyone struggling with tangled hair.  This anti-static, heat resistance comb can be used with a hair dryer or flat iron, but is perfect to use right out of the shower too!  The hinged comb secures hair while running the comb through tangles or prepping hair before straightening. 
If you’re short on time, but want straight hair without using a flatiron, the ProSilk Professional Straightening Comb is your best bet.  Dab a bit of ProSilk Serum and run it throughout, then use this comb to detangle and smooth hair down.  This is an awesome tool to keep in your bag, or take on trips for quick hair management and a great look!
 ProSilk Professional Hair Care Products
Not only does ProSilk offer the best in leading hair care tools, but they also have developed a line of products that nurtures damaged hair while leaving it silky soft and radiant.  ProSilk Cleansing Shampoo rids hair of dirt and residue without stripping hair of its natural oils and nutrients.  Added vitamins and sunscreen keeps hair protected and moisturized naturally.  Use with ProSilk Conditioner for total repair and added lightness and shine.
Sometimes hair becomes too stressed and overwhelmed.  With ProSilk Filler, this treatment will restore hair to its natural condition and strengthen it with its beneficial formula that uses alpha-hydroxy fruit acids, botanical extracts, panthenol, and Keratin protein. 
For better body, style and shine, the ProSilk Serum fills in gaps on the cuticle layer while bonding hair inside and out.  Put an end to those straggly split ends with this protective sheen that keeps hair from damaging elements and makes hair feel and look great.
 Put the finishing touches on with ProSilk Shine On.  Even in high humidity, ProSilk’s Shine On keeps the luster without any drag or weight.  Added sunscreen keeps hair from drying, or flaking.  Use this for a lasting look that gives style hold and extra health.
ProSilk Silk Design
We all want beautiful hair, but most products sacrifice health in order to achieve it.  With ProSilk Silk Design products, hair stays healthy and silky, even for color treated or extremely damaged hair.  With over 17 different amino acids and natural ingredients, ProSilk combines modern technology with restorative long term results. 

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