Sheex performance bedding maintains optimum conditions for sleep

Temperature and sleep quality are closely related. The human body experiences a slight drop in body temperature right before falling to sleep. Traditional sheets trap heat and can disrupt sleep.SHEEX performance fabric breathes better, allowing your body to do its job naturally.

Testing conducted at the North Carolina State University Center for Research on Textile Protection and Comfort demonstrates that
SHEEX performance bedding holds a proven advantage over cotton in enabling and maintaining optimum conditions for sleep.

Sleeping better and longer has been shown to lead to improvements in important areas such as heart rate, mood, weight loss, energy levels and even athletic performance. A commitment to improving your sleep quality is about more than just sleep itself – it’s a commitment to improving your overall health and wellness so you can perform at your peak each and every day.

How SHEEX Work:

  • Temperature Control
    Transfers body heat 2X better than traditional bedding for deeper, more restorative sleep
  • Moisture Transport
    Wicking properties keep you dry and comfortable
  • Breathability
    Breathes nearly 50% better than cotton
  • Precision Fit
    Flexible microfibers offer optimum fit on all mattress types
  • Superior Feel
    Ridiculously soft and luxurious to the touch for unrivaled comfort
  • Durability
    Advanced fade, wrinkle and shrink resistance

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