Boom by Cindy Joseph Boomstick Color

I am so excited to let you in on the new BOOM! By Cindy Joseph line of multipurpose makeup.   BOOMSTICK Color is a fantastic gift for all women, because it can be used on cheeks, eyes and lips AND there is no need to choose a shade. 

BOOM! By Cindy Joseph is a multi-purpose trio of makeup. Boomstick Color, Boomstick Glo and Boomstick Glimmer are a full makeup bag in three easy to use (and easy to carry) sticks. Each comes in one meticulously selected shade that celebrity makeup artist and Boomer model Cindy Joseph identified after 25 years making up the world’s top celebrities.  The makeup is sheer enough that the wearer’s natural skin tone shines through and makes a perfect gift for mothers, teachers, nieces, cousins, friends and any woman in your life you want to celebrate on Mother’s Day

Where to Buy: 

Cost: $24 each

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