Annemarie Borlind- Natural Skincare Review

In my ongoing journey to find a more perfect skincare routine, I’ve come across a brand that has impressed me so much that it’s a guaranteed lifelong favorite.

The Annemarie Borlind range of skincare is a clinically-proven, natural, botanical-based line that uses the best of ingredients in order to create skincare that is truly beneficial for the skin.
The set I used is The Combination Series, which is designed to help out with extra oil production where it is needed without drying, with a brown algea extract. The products contain anti-aging ingredients of green tea, milk protein complex, and Vitamin E. In testing the products, I found them to be completely non-irritating, which is a big deal to me. I don’t know about you, but I’ve come across my fair share of skincare that burns and irritates immediately upon contact!
The Combination Series contains the following products:
Combination Skin Cleansing Gel
Combination Skin Facial Toner
Combination Skin Light Day Essence
Combination Skin Night Cream
I also tried the following products:
LL Eye Wrinkle Cream
Skin Whitening Fluid (hydroquinone-free)
Anti Stress Mask
Let me tell you straight off the bat that I am very happy with Borlind products that I used, but there are two in particular that I am head-over-heels for — the LL Rejuvenating Eye Cream, and their Anti-Stress mask.
The eye cream is simply phenomenal. It’s creamy, but not too rich, and sinks into the skin beautifully. Upon awakening, I found my skin to look and feel just a little more toned, and I swear my eye area has definitely seen a huge improvement. Clinical tests showed a 67%  sign of imporovement in deep lines over 28 days.
As for the Anti Stress mask, it’s just plain old cool. It’s a light gel designed to rejuvenate with carrot protein, hyaluronic acid, menthyl lactate, and ginko biloba that you apply on cleansed skin, wait for 7 minutes or so, and then rinse off with the help of a very interesting cosmetic sponge. The gel feels soooooo good when it’s applied on your skin, and you can actually feel it working. I love this for every couple of days, and I would recommend this to anyone who needs a little lift right before a big event.
I also tried their lipgloss in the Raspberry shade, and it’s great! The gloss is not sticky or goopy, and the color is gorgeous. Love it!
To find out more about Annemarie Borlind products, visit their super helpful website,

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