~Facelogic~ Luxury Professional Skin care Brand~

interview with Sherryl Ford of Facelogic

Give me a detailed look at your company! How did you get started?

CEO and Founder, Sherryl Ford started Facelogic spa in 2005 (partnering with Shari Nevarez and Evangelina Eastman) after growing frustrated with the lack of affordable facials available to consumers. Facelogic spa is the only spa franchise that provides high-end, affordable skincare services and products dedicated entirely to the face. The true “face experts,” all Facelogic spa skincare therapists undergo extensive training on Facelogic spa’s services and product lines. Guests are provided with the highest-quality, individualized skincare services from the industry’s most knowledgeable experts.

* What makes your company unique?

· Facelogic Spas offer custom facials, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, custom full-body massage, facial and body waxing, cosmetic lessons and applications, and more.

· Facials start at just $49 for a 50-minute Signature Facial – guests can easily walk out spending less than $100 on skincare treatments and products combined (compare to a typical day spa that charges $100+ for one custom facial).

· Instead of the typical day spa feel where you spend the day, Facelogic is designed for people on the go to come in, get their services and relax for an hour or two and then get on with their busy schedules. It’s also very male-friendly, because the design and feel is more gender-neutral, so men feel comfortable getting services at our locations.

· Guests can choose from more than fifteen facial treatments targeted to treat a variety of skincare concerns.

· Facelogic Spas offer a broad selection of skincare products including – Facelogic Signature Skincare, Peter Thomas Roth Clinical Skincare, Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare, Eminence Organic Skincare, Glo Therapeutic, Glo Minerals and Sue Devitt.

· Facelogic Spa offers a membership program for guests – members receive monthly facials at a discounted price. There are no fees to become a member, just a commitment to come in for a monthly facial. It’s that easy!

*Who tests your products?

Our Facelogic Signature Skincare products are carried in all of our spas. We haven’t tested new products in some time as we haven’t launched anything new recently.

*I have very sensitive skin…

All of our facials are customizeable to different skin types. The estheticians (we call them skin care therapists), start every service with a consultation to see what results the guest desires and what the challenges are with that guest’s skin. If a peel will irritate your skin, there are mask options, etc. Plus we carry a variety of retail products and they meet a variety of needs (including sensitive skin).

*What are you business challenges?

On the local level with our spas, our goal is to inform consumers about the importance of routine skincare as it is extremely beneficial in improving the overall appearance of the skin. That can be seen as a challenge as the education of monthly facials is still slightly lagging. People know that they want to have beautiful skin like the celebrities, for example, but they aren’t as dedicated to have regular treatments done. We try to educate the guests on how to partner an at home routine (which many people don’t really have before they come to us) with a professional routine (whether it be monthly facials, weekly microderm, etc).

*What experience has led you the development of your company?

The founders Sherryl Ford and Shari Nevarez owned a high-end day spa prior to launching Facelogic. They saw the need for more affordable services so that guests could come in more often than just on their birthday. Evangelina Eastman, the third founder is an esthetician/massage therapist and worked both at high-end resort spas and Sherryl and Shari’s day spa. She developed all of the protocols and services for Facelogic Spa.

*How are you using social media?

On the national level, Facelogic Spa uses a corporate blog (http://blog.facelogicspa.com/) to update on happenings in the spa and general skincare tips as well as utilizes a Facebook page and Twitter (twitter.com/facelogicspa) to maintain awareness.

On the local level, our spas use Facebook and Twitter (having accounts specific to their location) to promote specials, events, etc. Additionally, our spas actively use email marketing to stay in touch with their Facelogic members and guests.

*Are you involved with any charities?

Every October, Facelogic Spas do a day of free facial services for cancer patients in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Additionally, a percentage of sales and/or memberships from Facelogic Spas during the month of October are donated to Look Good Feel Better (www.lookgoodfeelbetter.org). We’ve been donating to them for the past 3 years and feel that they are a great fit for our brand because their program utilize cosmetologists and estheticians to assist cancer patients with beauty needs.

On the local level, many spas work with local organizations to promote charities.

*Where can we find your products?

Facelogic Signature skincare products can be found on our website at http://www.facelogicspa.com or at any of our 44 spa locations throughout the US and Canada.

*Where would your company to be in 5 years?

Our goal is to grow to open 60 more locations over the next few years.

Please add any additional information you would like me to know.

Leigh Roberts

Director of Communications
Facelogic International, Inc.
2225 Faraday Ave, Suite F
Carlsbad, CA 92008

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